Vermin Control

Rats and Mice are ‘clever’. Unless they are very young they are unlikely to be fooled by a humane trap.

Also rats, when cornered are very vicious.

They are not to be confused with the ‘hand-reared’ fancy rats, which are used to human handling and can make very good pets.

The wild rat is out searching for food and protecting its family.

If you see one rat there are probably about seven others associated with it.

They live in sewers, underground and particularly underneath concrete floors.

They will kill chickens given the chance, so it is up to you to protect your chickens.


Don’t leave feed scattered around your chickens.

Keep the feed in bins or metal containers, and keep an eye out for holes in the pens/sheds etc and any droppings.

Mice can get through extremely small holes, and can climb sheer walls exceptionally well.


Rats and mice can be controlled by ‘Townex sachets’ which comes in sealed sachets. Which can be thrown down holes or under sheds.

It is clean and if a sachet is dragged into the open poultry usually do not touch it (although geese may eat the sachet).

When the sachet is removed by rodents it is simply replaced. The sachets can be left over time to give continual protection as the sachets are waterproof.


Foxes can be deterred by sprinkling human urine around pens or boundaries: just dont let the neighbours catch you doing it.