Dealing with Neighbours Complaints

The Poultry Club of Great Britain advises members to take all reasonable precautions when keeping poultry as follows:-


If you think that you might have a problem with your neighbours only keep cockerels if you want to breed from your birds. Cockerels are not required for egg production.


Keep your birds as far away from your neighbours as possible and ensure that the windows in their house are darkened to help reduce any early morning crowing.


Keep in with your neighbours.


When you have a new neighbour introduce yourself and explain that you keep poultry. A guided tour of your poultry houses might be a good idea to show them what is involved, they might decide to get a few birds themselves! A few eggs passed over the fence won’t go amiss!


If a complaint is made do co-operate with the Environmental Health Officer (EHO).


Once a complaint has been made keep a record of the complaint, conversations with neighbours and the EHO. This may prove useful if the complaint is taken further by the District Council.